Cool Sugar Skull Tattoos

The Design of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

Today we will give you the idea about skull sleeve tattoos. There are many various designs that drawn in one’s sleeves. At glance the skull design will show the representation of fear, death, and decay but in reality skull tattoo have many different meaning. The meaning may include protection from the deceased, power and strength. The great skull sleeve tattoo tat very popular is sugar skull tattoo. It comes in […]

get a tattoo covered up

Good Place to Get a Tattoo but Hide

Get a Tattoo – At present, it seems that almost everyone is getting tattooed. Approximately 36% of “Gen Nexters” are sporting tattoos, and about 40 percent of those from Generation X are doing the same. Most of them make no attempt to hide their tattoos, putting your body in all places where it is impossible to mask. And what if you want a tattoo, but do not want to show […]

best dark skin tattoos

The Best Designs Dark Skin Tattoos On White Color

Dark Skin Tattoos – The best designs white tattoo on dark skin. We show several drawings with this new trend that is sweeping among women worldwide.  As we have said before in relation to tattoos, this world has its own fashions and lots of different styles, as we can find from Harley Davidson bikers in up in private schools, however this time we will talk about a style created especially […]

tattoos on wrists hurt

Risks of Tattoos on Wrists

Tattoos on wrists can go inside or outside of your wrist or can completely surround like a bracelet. Care for your tattoo appropriately immediately after purchase is essential to minimize some of the risks of tattoos, such as skin infections. Apply antibiotic ointments to the new tattoo, keep it covered for two weeks and will not scratch the scar that it heals properly. General risks Getting a tattoo on any […]

tattoo phrases and meanings

Ideas for Tattoos Phrases Newlyweds

Tattoos Phrases – When two people marry, the intention is for the relationship to last forever. Getting a tattoo to represent marriage is appropriate since both marriages as tattoos last for a lifetime. The motorcycle racing star Corey Hart, husband of singer Pink has several tattoos with the name of his wife, for example. There are a number of possible phrases to get tattooed on marriage, including references to wedding […]

ideas for roman numeral tattoo

The Proud of Having Roman Tattoo Ideas

Roman Tattoo Ideas – In early Rome, citizens were classified as a type of punishment. The tattoo was used as a “stigma”, the Latin word for “tattoo”. It was used to sign the brand penal slaves or property. Today tattoos as body art and much pride is taken in its craftsmanship and artistic value. With a little creativity you can incorporate traditional Roman numerals and symbols in a tattoo idea […]