Amazing Skull Sleeve Tattoos for Women

The Design of Skull Sleeve Tattoos

Today we will give you the idea about skull sleeve tattoos. There are many various designs that drawn in one’s sleeves. At glance the skull design will show the representation of fear, death, and decay but in reality skull tattoo have many different meaning. The meaning may include protection from the deceased, power and strength. The great skull sleeve tattoo tat very popular is sugar skull tattoo. It comes in […]

tattoo kits for beginners

It’s All About Tattoo Kits

Tattoo Kits – If you are planning to start a tattoo business , then obviously you can tell that there is a need for tattoo kits consisting of at least the minimum required equipment. It’s a pretty overwhelming situation for all new artists when they are up to capture a clear picture of the amount of equipment needed to start this business. If this is the case then it is […]

zodiac tattoos designs blog

Zodiac Tattoo Designs Ideas – Simple or Complex

Zodiac Tattoo Designs Ideas - As I walked up to a stranger and asking them “What’s your sign?” can be totally old fashioned, with a sign tattooed on your body certainly is not. The technique used to reflect the several zodiac signs is different enough that most people can find a version that is on your taste in esthetics and the size of the art. The traditional zodiac sign are […]

temporary tattoo designs for adults

The Best Ideas of Temporary Tattoo Designs

Temporary tattoo designs are the type of tattoo airbrush painted, drawn or transferred with henna on the skin with water and eventually washed the body. It is the best option if you are unsure if you want a tattoo, you’re thinking of a tattoo design, for kids or anyone who doesn’t want the permanent tattoo, but want a temporary decoration. The designs are as varied as designs for the best […]

black shadows tattoos

Original Designs of Tattoos Shadows

Nowadays, finding a truly original tattoo is the most difficult and long, long relegated to the aesthetic value of the work. Mainly, the symbolism or meaning thereof is relegated to the background. A good example of this is the tattoos of shadows, a brand new trend in the world of tattoos today, rising with much originality and creativity. Let’s look at these tattoos shadows. What are “shadows tattoos”? Commonly called […]

tattoos on the neck female

Tattoos on the Neck Inspiration

Tattoos on the neck, such as the face and hands are the most visible you can make and are still considered taboo. As tattoos on the neck can cause problems when it comes to getting a job, if you have many tattoos on his body, some tattoo artists will refuse to do it, or will recommend strongly that you consider your future job opportunities before taking the decision. Make sure […]