Tattoos Reference of the Wizard of Oz

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Tattoos Reference – Popular culture such as literature and film enable any limits set are transferred and start to join the world of tattoos. The truth is that many people decide to do this, starting with recognizing what were those works which had great importance in the life of that person. An example of this is, without doubt, the Wizard of Oz. Children’s story which later became the made ​​films […]

Tattoos of Portraits of Children and Babies: Tenderness on the Skin

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Tattoos of Portraits – Choose a portrait as a tattoo is something that is often not commonly done and before taking such a decision is used to reflect the meaning that can be attributed personally to face whoever is going to be tattooed. Babies and children are usually tattoos that are not typically used much by parents of the same because in most cases you choose to tattoo the baby’s […]

Tattoos of Crowns, the Symbol of Power in the Skin

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Tattoos of Crowns – Crown tattoos today represent a culture that pretends to want to look powerful in scope. This symbol is a great tattoo that can take different meanings according to the view of the person. The first thought that probably to see a crown will surely royal but just come off many others who go according to spirituality and the universe itself. We will go to discover all […]

Design and Ideas of Tattoos Merlin

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Tattoos Merlin- Wizards are a study in total interest for many people and one of the greatest representatives is definitely the wizard Merlin. In this article we will discover what it is and what its origins as well as why so many people choose to include various designs of this wizard in your skin are. The Merlin refers to one from Wales. It is said that he lived in the […]

Fantasy Tattoo Ideas for Women

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Fantasy Tattoo Ideas – The following lines introduce us to a world of fantasy embodied in designs on the skin. Fairies, goblins, witches, wizards and gnomes are the protagonists of this world. Fairy Tattoos These tiny creatures with magical powers represent imagination, freedom and youth. They also represent nostalgia or lived moments of childhood. In fairy tales, the fairy represents the desires of human beings, it is also symbolic of […]